Born at village Lado Sarai in New Delhi on 20th December, 1932 and educated at Delhi College (Now Dr. Zakir Hussain College) of University of Delhi, Ch. Prem Singh – the Speaker of Delhi Assembly has the marvellous distinction of creating the World Record for contesting and winning all the elections since last 50 years and that too always from same party and same constituency.

         During Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections in 1958, he started his glorious political career with victory and became youngest Councillor and Chairman of Rural Areas Committee and initiated strong steps for the development of rural areas. In 1959, he became Member of Harijan Welfare Delhi Board and for the next twelve years remained instrumental for the development of the downtrodden people of the society. In 1962, he was again elected to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. In 1967, when firstever election for newly constituted Metroplitan Council of Delhi were held, he was elected Metroplitan Councillor. In 1972, 1977 and 1983 he was consecutively elected Member of the Metropolitan Council.

         In 1993, when election for a new set-up of Assembly in Delhi was held he was elected Member of Legislative Assembly. From 1993 to 1998 he remained Deputy Leader of the Congress Legislative party.

         From 1972 to 1977 as member DDA his contribution towards resettlement colonies is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable aspect of the Welfare Programmes for the poor people.


         He is member of Indian National Congress since 1952.

         During 1998, Assembly elections he was again elected Member of Legislative Assembly and was unanimously elected Speaker of Delhi Assembly. As Speaker of Delhi Assembly, he achieved remarkable distinctions of controlling the house with masterly control and his superb handling of the Assembly created record of minimising the waste timing in the house from 38% to unbelievable figure of merely 2%.

         Also adorned the positions in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi like Deputy Chairman of Education Committee, Works Committee and Zonal Committee

         During 1983 elections of Metropolitan Councillor of Delhi he won by the highest margin of votes and became Executive Councillor (Development) till 1990.As Executive Councillor (Development) he became popular for his resounding success of the implementation of 20 Point Programme under which he distributed 28 thousand plots to the landless people in Delhi and also thousand of acres of land for agriculture purposes to the lowest strata of the Society. As Executive Councillor (Development) he controlled and handled with command the departments like Revenue, Flood & Irrigation, Public Works Department, Cooperative Department, Agriculture Marketing, Fisheries & Fodder etc., Horticulture Plantation, Elections, Panchayat and Development. If Delhi has witnessed greatest expansion and execution of roads, fly-overs, bridges and developmental work it was this period i.e. 1983-1990.

         Tremendous progress in rural development and upliftment of poor-down-trodden people was the task he quite successfully accomplished which was assigned to him by the then Prime Minister and AICC President Smt. Indira Gandhi.

         From 1958 onwards he has contested and won ten elections in a row and has the great distinctions and world record of winning all the elections consecutively for 50 years. And this remarkable feat is achieved by winning all the elections for the same party and from the same constituency. It is because of his involvement in examining people’s problem with deep insight to suggest political and administrative solutions and remedial measures that the political organization he belongs in his constituency has never trailed or lost even in most turmoiled times. Perhaps this is due to his openness with the people and commitment to remain among the people that he has always lived in the village only despite being in several high profile positions, people have tremendous confidence in his abilities and always feel free to approach. Because of his remarkable dedication and loyalty towards the party and his sense of discipline besides successful handling of affairs in the government or organisation he was invited to lead the important positions like Executive Councillor, DPCC Chief and Speaker without any initiative or desire from his side.

         Ch. Prem Singh piously follows religion and regards people of all communities equally and that is the reason why no communal tension or riot has taken place in his constituency during last 50 years. Being dedicated to highly simple life he also motivates people of his circumference to live a vegetarian and ideal life with high moral values.

         Seeing his impeccable record, the high command once again decided to provide him the opportunity to be the Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly, the Assembly which is known in whole of nation the historic Central Legislative Assembly. He was elected by the majority vote as Speaker of the August House on 20th July, 2004.


         The New Jersey General Assembly vide their resolution in the Assembly felicitated and welcomed Ch. Prem Singh for his winning elections from 1958 regularly from a single constituency and from a single political party enabling him to enter his name in the Guiness Book of World Record. The Assembly on September, 23 2002 passed the resolution duly authenticated by the Speaker of the General Assembly Shri Albio Sires said that the Assembly pleased to extend to warm greetings and salutation to Ch. Prem Singh for a superb and a effective leadership. It further says Ch. Prem Singh served the citizenry with dedication, distinction and excellence and we extend best wishes for his continued services in all future.

         Earlier to this Ch. Prem Singh has visited and participated in number of Conferences held in different parts of the World. In 1973, he participated in World Peace Congress, held at Moscow in Russia. In February, 1973 he visited GDR, as the member of Indo-German Friendship Society. In March, 1999 participated in Symposium of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference held at London in United Kingdom. In September 1999 he participated in the Speakers Conference of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association held in Trinidad & Tobago and also visited United States of America, Switzerland and France on study tour during the same period. In May, 2000 he participated in the World Tourism Conference held at Brazil and also visited UK & USA. In October, 2000 he participated in Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference at London in United Kingdom and also visited Canada, Austria, Netherlands and USA on study tour during the same period. In August, 2001 he participated in Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference at Canberra in Australia and also visited Japan, New Zealand and Malaysia on study tour during the same period. In September, 2002 he participated in Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference at Namibia and also visited Italy and South Africa on study tour during the same period. In September, 2004 he participated in CPA Conference at Canada and also visited Denmark, Netherlands and France on study tour during the same period.