21st March to 23rd April 2007


The session commenced on the 21st March 2007 and after a brief interval due to Municipal Corporation of Delhi Elections, the Budget Session resumed from 11th April and was adjourned sine die on the 23rd April 2007 after holding ten sittings. A brief summary of the various business disposed by the House during the session is as follows: -


Obituary References: The House paid homage to the following during the session:


    1.       Shri Ram Lal, Ex-Member, Delhi Metropolitan Council.

  1. Victims of bomb explosion in Somjhouta Express
  2. Police Jawans died in Naxalite attack in Chattisgarh
  3. Homage to Martyrs (Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev)
  4. Farmers died in police firing in Nandigram, West Bengal
  5. Shri Ram Prakash Gupta, Ex-Member, Delhi Metropolitan Council .
  6. Shri Markandey Singh, Ex- Lt. Governor, Delhi


Lieutenant Governor’s Address:  The Session, being the first of the year, the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Shri BL Joshi addressed the House on 21st March 2007. The Motion of Thanks on the LG Address was moved on the 11th April 2007and adopted on the 16th April 2007. Eight Members participated in the debate, which was replied to by the  Chief Minister.


Annual Budget (2007-2008): The Annual Budget was presented in the House on the 16th April 2007 by the Finance Minister. The discussion on the Annual Budget commenced on the 17th April 2007 and concluded on the 19th April 2007 with the reply of the Finance Minister. Fifteen Members participated in the debate before the Budget was passed on 19th April 2007. 


Reports Of The House Committees: The following reports were presented and adopted:-

  1. Twelfth Report of the Business Advisory Committee.
  2. Ninth Report of the Private Members Bills and Resolutions Committee.


Questions: One Hundred and Sixty nine questions were admitted as starred and One hundred and Twenty six as unstarred.  Forty seven starred questions were actually raised in the House and replied by the concerned Ministers. Two hundred and forty two supplementary questions were asked on these starred questions.


Papers Laid on the Table: The Chief Minister and Ministers tabled copies of 53 Notifications, Orders and Reports etc. issued during the prorogation of the Assembly by their respective Department


Legislative Proposals: The House considered and passed the following legislative proposals:


  1. The Appropriation (No.1) Bill, 2007
  2. The Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2007
  3. The Delhi Diploma Level Technical Education Institutions (Prohibition of Capitation Fee, Regulation of Admission, Fixation of Non-exploitative Fee and Other Measures to Ensure Equity and Excellence ) Bill-2007 (Bill No. 5 of 2007)
  4. The Delhi Professional Colleges or Institutions  (Prohibition of Capitation Fee, Regulations of Admission, Fixation of Non-Exploitative  Fee and other Measures to ensure Equity and Excellence ) Bill, 2007 (Bill No. 6 of 2007)
  5. ‘The  Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Viswavidyalaya Bill, 2007 (Bill No.7 of 2007)’


Special Mentions:  Eighty eight issues were allowed to be raised in the House and in the case of Sixteen matters the Chief Minister and Ministers replied on the floor of the House .


 Short Duration Discussion: Due to important business like discussions on Motion of Thanks and Budget only limited scope was available for other issues, so due to the time constraint only one Short Duration Discussions was held on the following subjects:-

Situation arising out of continued sealing drive by M.C.D in the Capital even after introduction of Master Plan of Delhi”.

 The Minister of Urban Development replied to the debate.


Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed and passed by the House:-


1.       “This House resolves that for more effective and appropriate administration in Delhi Law & Order, Police  and Land be brought under Delhi Government with immediate effect.”

       The resolution was adopted by voice vote.


2.       “This House resolves that basic facilities and civic amenities such as drinking water, roads, Hospitals, toilets and drainage system be made available compulsorily in advance when the Government allots alternative plots to the poor people residing in juggi jhopries”.

            The resolution was adopted by voice vote.


The House was adjourned sine-die on the 23rd April 2007 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) .