19th Dec. to 23 Dec.2005



I am honoured to apprise you with the business conducted by the Delhi Assembly in the recently concluded Sixth Session of the Third Assembly.  


The session commenced on the 19th December 2005 and was adjourned sine die on the 23rd December 2005 after holding five sittings.  A brief summary of the  business transacted by the House during the session is as follows: -


Obituary References: On 19th December 2005, obituary references were made on the passing away of:

1.      Sh. K.R. Narayanan, Ex-President of India.

2.      Sh. H.K.L. Bhagat, Ex-Union Minister.

3.      Sh. P.M. Sayeed, Union Power Minister.

4.      Begum Khurshid Kidwai, Ex-Dy.Chairperson, Delhi Metropolitan Council.

5.      People affected by Bomb blast in the month of October in the Capital.

  1. People affected by earthquake in Jammu & Kashmir   and Indian sub-continent

      7.   People affected by stampede in Chennai on 18 December 2005.


Questions: The Secretariat received 519 notices for starred and unstarred questions. 100 questions were listed as starred questions out of which 10 were raised in the House.

Committee Reports: Reports of the following Committees were adopted during the session:

  1. Eighth Report of the Business Advisory Committee
  2. Sixth Report of the Private Members Bills and Resolutions Committee


 Special Mention: Eighteen members raised issues under ‘Special Mention’ during the five-day session.

 Motion Under Rule 107:

       The following Motion, which were given by Sh. Mukesh Sharma, Sh. Ramvir Singh Bidhuri and Sh. Harsharan Singh Balli was unanimously adopted on the 20th December 2005: -  

“This House resolves that all the construction and shops etc. running in the Residential Areas of Delhi may be regularized in the public interest and to stop demolition in these areas with immediate effect.”

“ This House further agrees that all such demolition drive of MCD in residential areas in the Capital be stopped in the public interest”.

Paper laid on the Table of the House:     The Chief Minister and Ministers tabled copies of 26 Notifications/Orders etc. issued during the prorogation of the Assembly by their respective Departments.








Short Duration Discussion: On 22nd December 2005 discussions were held on the following subjects:

1.      Regarding regularization of un-authorised colonies in Delhi’- Hon’ble Minister of Finance & Urban Development replied to the debate.

2.      Regarding Sonia Vihar Water Treatment Plant and water supply in Delhi’- Hon’ble Chief Minister replied to the debate.


 Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed in the House:

 1.Shri Ramvir Singh Bidhuri : “This House resolves that the farmers whose land have been acquired by the Government may be given employment to one of their family members by the Delhi Government or Government Undertaking. This House further resolves that the compensation of acquired land to be given by the Government may also be doubled.”

The Resolution was negated by voice vote.

2.Shri Veer Singh Dhingan : “This House resolves that the Jhuggi Basties in Delhi may not be demolished till the alternative arrangement is provided to them.”

 The Resolution was adopted by voice vote. 


The House was adjourned sine-die on the 23rd December 2005 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).