30th October, 2006 to 10th November, 2006


            The Session commenced on the 30th October,2006 and was adjourned sine die on the 10th November,2006 after holding ten sittings. A brief summery of the business transacted by the House during the session is as follows:-

Obituary References: on 30th October,2006, obituary were made on the passing way of:-

  1. Bharatratan Ustad Bismillah Khan, Shehnaivadak
  2. Shri P.K.Dave, Ex-Lt. Governor of  Delhi
  3. Shri Jagdish Anand, Ex-Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly

Two minutes silence was observed as a mark of respect towards the departed souls.

Discussion on No Confidence Motion:

On 30th October,2006 Dr. Jagdish Mukhi gave a notice of No Confidence Motion which was allowed as per rule. The discussion on the Motion started on 30th October,2006 and concluded on 1st November,2006.

It was the first time in the history of Delhi Legislative Assembly when such a long debate was held on any No Confidence Motion in which thirty Members participated in the discussion and continued for three days.

Government Resolution:

The following Government Resolution moved by the Chief Minister was adopted by the House on 7th November,2006:

This House expresses its grave concern at the prevailing fear, panic and uncertainty in large segments of the population arising from the sealing drive of MCD despite various enactments and notifications both by the Parliament and the Union Government which will render lakhs of people jobless in the city.  The House resolves that the sealing drive be stopped immediately till the finalization of the Master Plan of Delhi-2021 by the Union Government. The House further requests the Union Urban Development Ministry to finalize the Master Plan of Delhi-2021 at the earliest and to move the Hon’ble Supreme court to suspend operation of its orders till notification of the Delhi Master Plan-2021

However, since then the Hon’ble Supreme Court has passed an order which has said that sealing will not stop.  It has further put the responsibility on the Monitoring Committee not just to implement their order but also to inform the Hon’ble Supreme Court of its progress.

          We have a policy for resettlement of JJ clusters.  This house would therefore, plead that immediately a scheme for rehabilitation of shops should be announced by the DDA and MCD.  More market areas including space for hawkers and vendors should be made available, more parking areas should be made available, and for negative traders special areas should be made available at the earliest.  We will continue our efforts for amicable settlement.”


Questions: The Secretariat accepted 737 notices for starred and un-starred questions. 200 questions were listed as starred questions and out of which 27 were raised in the House.

Committee Reports: Reports of the following Committees were presented and adopted during the session:

  1. Tenth Report of the Business Advisory Committee
  2. Eighth Report of the Private Members Bills and Resolution Committee
  3. Second Report of Petition Committee  

Special Mention: Members raised issues under ‘Special Mention’ during the ten days session.

Motion Under Rule 107:      

The following Motions were discussed on 9th November, 2006:

(1)   Shri Ramvir Singh Bidhuri: “This House moves that house tax be waved off in all villages on Delhi, rural villages be not declared urbanized in future, permission of mixed land use be given on the main roads of villages and civic amenities be provided in the extended abadi of villages considering it a part of the village thereof’

The Motion was negated by voice vote

(2)   Shri Mukesh Sharma, Shri Tarvinder Singh Marwah and Shri Naseeb Singh:

   “This House moves that considering future of the Capital before finalisation of Delhi Master Plan 2020-21, it is very essential to have discussion on the proposed Delhi Master Plan in the House. At the same time, it is realised that elected representatives be associated with the proposed Delhi Master Plan. Therefore, House requests Delhi Development Authority and concerned authorities to send the proposed Delhi Master Plan to this House immediately for consideration”. 

The Motion was passed by voice vote

Paper Laid on the Table: The Chief Minister and Ministers tabled copies of 54 Notifications/Orders etc. issued during the prorogation of the Assembly by their respective Department.

Short Duration Discussion: On 8th November 2006 discussion were held on the following subject:

“Regarding situation arising out of price hike in the Capital”.

The Minister of Development replied to the discussion.

Government Bills:

The following Bills were passed during the session:-

(1)   ‘The Delhi Tibbia College (Takeover) (Amendment) Bill, 2006’.

(2)   ‘The Delhi Co-Operative Societies (Amendment) Bill,2006’.

(3)   ‘The Members of  Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory of Delhi (salaries,Allowances,Pension etc.) (Amendment) Bill,2006’.

(4)   The Ministers of Government of National Capital Territories of Delhi (Salaries & Allowances) (Amendment) Bill,2006’.

(5)   ‘The Delhi Commission for Safai Karamacharis Bill, 2006’.

(6)   The Delhi Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2006’.

Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed in the House:

1.      Shri Jile Singh Chauhan: “This House resolves that on the occasion of 150th anniversary of 1857 revolution, historical heritage of Delhi be restored and a special monument be created in the memory of the warriors of the first freedom struggle”.    

           The Resolution was passed by voice vote.

2.      Shri Veer Singh Dhingan: “This House recommends that all the Leprosy patients be given financial assistance at par with the minimum monthly salary for their livelihood”

 The Resolution was withdrawn by the Member on the request of Minister of         Health.

3.      Shri Subhash Chopra : “This House resolves that an immediate plan be prepared

      and implemented in a time bound manner for cleaning all small and big drains to

      maintain Yamuna river pollution free.”

            The Resolution with amendment was adopted by voice vote.

4.      Shri Ramvir Singh Bidhuri : “This House resolves that M.C.D be dissolved and

     divided into five parts so that more effective and time bound services of M.C.D

     could be made available to the citizen of Delhi.”

     The Resolution was negated by voice vote.


The House was adjourned sine-die on the 10th November,2006 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).