15th March to 5th April 2005

The session commenced on the 15th March 2005 and was adjourned sine die on the 5th April 2005 after holding fifteen sittings. The House was expected to sit for 49 hours and 17 minutes whereas; the actual utilization of floor time worked out to 43 hours and 43 minutes.   In other words 89% of the floor time was utilized. A brief summary of the various business disposed by the House during the session is as follows: -


Obituary References: The House paid homage to the following during the session:


  1. Shri PV Narasimha Rao, former Prime Minister.
  2. Victims of the tsunami waves.
  3. Shri Surinder Singh and Shri OP Jindal, Ministers of the Haryana Government.
  4. Pope John Paul –II


Lieutenant Governor’s Address:  The Session, being the first of the year, the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Shri BL Joshi addressed the House on 15th March 2005. The Motion of Thanks on the LG Address was moved on the 16th March 2005and adopted on the 22nd March 2005. Sixteen Members participated in the debate, which was replied to by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.


Annual Budget (2005-2006): The Annual Budget was presented in the House on the 23rd March 2005 by the Finance Minister. The discussion on the Annual Budget commenced on the 24th March 2005 and concluded on the 30th March with the reply of the Finance Minister. The Budget was also passed on the same day. Fifteen Members participated in the debate. One cut motion was moved, which was negated by voice vote.


Reports Of The House Committees: The following reports were adopted:

  1. Fifth and Sixth Report of the Business Advisory Committee.
  2. Third and Fourth Report of the Private Members Bills and Resolutions Committee.
  3. First Report of the Committee on Government Undertakings.
  4. First Report of the Rules Committee


Questions: Two Hundred and Eighty questions were admitted as starred and Seven Hundred and Seventy as unstarred.  Sixty-nine starred questions were actually raised in the House and replied by the concerned Ministers. Two hundred and sixty one supplementary questions were asked on these starred questions.



Adjournment Motion: The notice of adjournment motion given by the Opposition Party (BJP) regarding the alleged corruption in the Government departments was allowed to be moved and discussed on the 16th March 2005. The discussion lasted for about three and a half hours in which fifteen members participated. The Minister of Finance and the Chief Minister replied to the debate. The Motion was negated by voice vote.


Legislative Proposals: The House considered and passed the following legislative proposals:

  1.  The Indian Stamps (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2005.
  2. The Delhi Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2005.
  3. The Appropriation (No.1) Bill, 2005
  4. The Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2005

One Private Member’s Bill viz., ‘The Delhi Board for Homeless Children and Women Bill, 2005’ was introduced on the 1st April 2005.


Special Mentions:  One hundred and thirty one issues were allowed to be raised in the House and in the case of thirty-one matters the Chief Minister and Ministers replied on the floor of the House keeping in view the importance of the issue.


Calling Attention Motion: The Hon'ble Speaker allowed one calling attention motion to be moved on the ‘gang rape case of a woman in the Bawana area’. The matter was discussed on the 22nd March 2005 and fourteen members asked clarificatory questions. The Chief Minister replied to the questions.


Short Duration Discussion: Short Duration Discussions were held on the following subjects:


1.      ‘Problems relating to the power and water supply’: The discussion was held on the 5th April 2005. The Minister of Power and the Chief Minister replied to the debate.

2.      ‘Public distribution system in Delhi’: This discussion was held on the 5th April 2005. The Minister of Development replied to the debate.


Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed in the House:

1.      On 18th March 2005, Shri A Dayanand Chandila A, moved the following Resolution: “ This House resolves that all the villages in Delhi be exempted from the purview of building bye-laws.” The resolution was negated by voice vote.


  1. On 18th March 2005, Shri Surendra Kumar moved the following Resolution: “This House resolves that instead of financial assistance of Rupees One Thousand, being paid to the handicapped persons (men and women) by the Social Welfare Department, these persons should be paid regular monthly pension as the existing system is not purposeful.” The Member withdrew the resolution with the leave of the House.


  1. On 1st April 2005. Shri Ramvir Singh Bidhuri moved the following resolution: “This House resolves that industrial units in villages being run by the original residents themselves, should be kept outside the purview of House Tax.” The Member withdrew the resolution with the leave of the House.


The House was adjourned sine-die on the 5th April 2005 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) .