10th September to 12TH September, 2008





I am honoured to apprise you with the Business conducted by the Delhi Legislative Assembly during the recently concluded Fourteenth Session of the Third Assembly.


The Session commenced on the 10th September 2008 and was adjourned sine die on the 12th September 2008 after holding three sittings. A brief summary of the various business disposed by the House during the session is as follows: -


Obituary References: The House paid homage to the following during the session:

1. Ch. Bharat Singh, Ex-MP and Member of Metropolitan Council, Delhi.

2. Shri Madan Lal Gaba, Ex-Member, Delhi Legislative Assembly (1993-98).

3. Shri Anwar Ali Dehalvi, Ex-Member of Metropolitan Council, Delhi.

4. Tragic loss of human life due to flood in Kosi river in Bihar.


Reports Of The House Committees: The following reports were presented and adopted:-

1.                          16th Report of the Business Advisory Committee.

2.                          13th Report of the Committee on Private Member’s Bills and Resolutions.

3.                          4th Report of the Committee on Government Assurances.

4.                          1st  & 2nd Reports of Committee on Environment.

5.                          2nd Report of the Committee on the Welfare of SC/ST & OBC.

6.                          8th Report of Public Accounts Committee.


Questions: Sixty questions were admitted as starred and One hundred  Four questions as unstarred.  Eleven starred questions were actually raised in the House and replied by the concerned Ministers. Forty Three supplementary questions were asked on these starred questions.


Papers Laid on the Table: The Chief Minister and Ministers tabled copies of  31 Notifications, Orders and Reports etc. issued during the prorogation of the Assembly by their respective Department


Legislative Proposals: The House considered and passed the following legislative proposals:

 1.  The Degradable Plastic Bag (Manufacture, Sale and    Uses) and Garbage (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2008.

2.    The Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University Bill, 2008.

3.  The Delhi Medicare Service Personnel and Medicare Services Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property), Bill, 2008.

Special Mentions:  Twenty Seven issues were allowed to be raised in the House and in the cases of Five important matters the concerned Ministers replied on the floor of the House .


Short Duration Discussion: Two Short Duration Discussions were held on the following subjects:-

   i)  " Regarding problems relating to the unauthorized colonies." "

   The Minister of Urban Development replied to the debate.

   ii) " Problems relating to inflation. 

   The Minister of  Finance replied to the debate.


Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed by the House:-


1- “This House resolves that all the Ex-Members of Delhi Vidhan Sabha, erstwhile Metropolitan Council and erstwhile Vidhan Sabha (1952-57) be provided with all the facilities of Medical & Traveling Allowance and Pension etc”.

Resolution was adopted after discussion.

2. “This House resolves that all unauthorized colonies be regularized with immediate effect with the provision of utilization of the MLA Constituency Development Fund for the execution of development work in these colonies.”

Resolution not accepted by the House.

3. “This House resolves that keeping in view the rising prices and cost escalation the MLA’s Constituency Development Fund be enhanced from two to four crores of rupees.”

Resolution not accepted by the House.

           The House was adjourned sine-die on the 12th September 2008 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).


          With high regards.


Yours sincerely,




(Siddharath Rao)