I have the honour to apprise you with the Business conducted by the Delhi Legislative Assembly during the recently concluded Tenth Session (Budget Session) of the Fourth Legislative Assembly.

          The Session commenced on the 28th May, 2012 and was adjourned sine die on the 6th June, 2012 after holding eight sittings.  A brief summary of the various businesses disposed by the House during the Session is as under:

Presentation of Budget:

          Hon’ble Chief Minister presented the Budget for the financial year 2012-13 in the House on 28th May, 2012.  

          Budget was debated in the House for 04 days before it was passed on 04th June, 2012.  Total 16 Members participated in the discussion on Budget. 


Total 796 notices of questions were received during this Session; including 160 Starred Questions & 588 Un-starred Questions; 14 identical questions were clubbed.


     Out of the 160 questions listed for oral answering; 25 questions were replied by the concerned Ministers in the House and 78 Supplementary Questions were asked by the Members. Replies to 588 unstarred questions were also given by the concerned Ministers to the Hon’ble Members.


Legislative Business:

Following  Government Bills were introduced and passed by the House:

  1. The Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women Bill, 2012


  1. Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2012   


  1. The Court Fees (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2012


  1. The Indian Stamp (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2012


  1. Delhi Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2012


  1. Delhi Value   Added Tax (Third Amendment) Bill, 2012


  1. Delhi Tax on Luxuries (Amendment) Bill, 2012

The Delhi Marriage Registration Bill, 2012 was also introduced in this session and referred to the Select Committee of the House  after discussion.


Papers laid on the Table:

  Ministers laid copies of 28 notifications issued from time to time by their respective departments during prorogation.

Reports of the Committees:

      The following reports of the Committees were presented & passed in the House during this session:

  1. Tenth Report of Business Advisory Committee (BAC).
  2. Tenth Report of the Committee on Private Members Bills & Resolutions (PMBR).


Special Mention (Rule 280):

The Members raised 72 matters during this Session as special mention by which they drew the attention of the House on different issues.  On 14 issues, keeping in view the importance of the problem, concerned Ministers intervened and replied.

Calling Attention Motion:

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition raised the issue regarding transfer of officers working under Delhi Government to territories outside Delhi.


Motion Under Rule – 107:

Shri Mukesh Sharma moved the Motion under Rule-107 regarding the problems being faced by the people due to Bharat Band on 31st May 2012.


Short Duration Discussion:

Four issues were selected for discussion by Business Advisory Committee.        Following issues were taken up for Short Duration Discussion during this Session:


1.       Discussion on the situation arising out of continuously deteriorating law & order situation in Delhi. (Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Shri Dharam Deo Solanki & Shri Karan Singh Tanwar)


 2. Discussion on “trifurcation of MCD is in the common`` interest of the people of Delhi so that improvement in the civic amenities are taken care of and its politicization and wasteful expenditure is avoided.” (Shri Mukesh Sharma, Shri Naseeb Singh & Ch. Mateen Ahmad)


3.  Discussion on the situation arising out of the corruption in the matters pertaining to cleaning and desilting of drains under MCD. (Shri Prahlad Singh Sawhney, Ch. Mateen Ahmad & Shri Jaswant Singh)



Resolutions of the Private Members:


Following Two resolutions were taken up for discussion:


1. Shri Naseeb Singh moved the following resolution:

       This House resolves that the allotment of plots to the cattle fosters and dairy owners be divided into three parts in consonance with the division of MCD. 

(The Resolution was withdrawn by the Member after discussion).


2. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan moved the following resolution:  

        This House resolves that ownership right be granted to the residents of all  the rehabilitation colonies in Delhi.

(The Resolution was adopted after discussion).            



This House was adjourned sine-die on the 13th January, 2012 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).



             With high regards.

Yours Sincerely,