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blt  Legislation

1. Who's Who

1. Sessions Reviews

1. Introduction

2. Members, since inception of
    Delhi Assembly

2. Assembly Proceedings

2. (a) Legislations (Bills)  

    (b) Subordinate Legislations

3. List of Members

3. List Of Business


4. Salary and Allowances

5. Bill wise Comparative
   Analysis of Salary &
   Allowances of MLAs

  Bulletin Issued

1. Committee System
         Hin / Eng


1. Part - I

2. Composition of Committee's

  Special Information

2. Part - II

3. Membership Search

1. Important Events

  Legislative Devices 

4. Committee Reports

2. Picture Gallery

a.  Motions

3. Foreign & Domestic Tours

b.  Resolutions

4. Procurement / Tender

c.  Short Duration Discussions


  General Information

d.  Adjournment Motions

1. The Constitution (Sixty
    Ninth Amendment) Act 1991
Eng / Hin]

e.  Calling Attention Library

2. The Government of NCT of
    Delhi Act 1991
    [Eng / Hin]

f.  No Confidence Motions

Press Releases

3. The Member of Delhi
    Legislative Assembly
   (Disqualification on Grounds
   of Defection) Rule, 1996
    [Eng / Hin]

4. Rules of Procedure and
    Conduct of Business

g.  Special Mentions

Commonwealth Parliamentary

5. Directions from the Chair

6. Govt. Instruction Dealing
    with MLAs

h.  Questions

Parliament of India

7. Anti Defection Law:
    A) Decisions
    B) Tenth Schedule
    C) Article 191 of the
    D) Section 16 of the Govt. of
         NCT of Delhi Act, 1996

8. Gazette Notifications

DARC, Fellowship Programme
  1. Concept Note
  2. DARC Attendance
  3. Archives

Bureau of Legislative Studies

Equal Opportunity Policy for
    Persons with Disabilities

Govt. Websites

Assembly Question Answers

Sister Legislatures

Tenth Commonwealth Youth
    Parliament (CYP)

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Delhi Youth Parliament (DYP)

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