Delhi Legislative Assembly
Private Member's Resolutions
(Under Rule-89)
Sl. No. Name of the
Date Session Text of the Resolution Remarks
1. Ms. Alka Lamba 10-08-2018 7th
“This House resolves that there is a strong need to make policy decisions around problems related to stray dogs and monkeys in many parts of Delhi. The Municipal Corporations should research and formulate creative and scientific methods to ensure that there is no menace of dog bites or monkey bites and also that there is no cruelty to animals” Hon’ble Minister of Urban Development replied and Resolution was adopted.
2. Sh. Shri Dutt Sharma 10-08-2018 7th
“Taking note of the fact that there is a surprising trend among few IAS officers in Delhi to challenge the powers, privileges and procedure of Delhi Assembly & its Committees; also taking note of the fact that these officers are levelling allegations of bias against members of the Committees; This House condemns such actions of misinformation and misrepresentation of facts before the Courts & Media and resolves that strict action should be taken against such officers of belittling the stature of the Legislature, its Committees and Members”. Hon’ble Minister of Home replied and Resolution was adopted.
3. Sh. Vijender Gupta 23-03-2018 7th
“This House resolves that the Government should work sincerely to implement the schemes for labourers as provided under Labour Welfare Fund; It also further resolves that wide publicity should be given to these schemes as most of the labourers are not able to avail the benefits as they are not aware of the provisions of this Fund.” Shri Gopal Rai, Hon’ble Minister of Labour replied. The Resolution put to vote and rejected by voice-vote.
4. Sh. Jagdish Pradhan 23-03-2018 7th “This House resolves that the Report of the Fifth Finance Commission for the National Capital Territory of Delhi should be tabled in the House immediately on its receipt and its recommendations also be implemented without any delay; This House further resolves that the funds be released to the North, East and South Municipal Corporations as per the recommendations of the Fourth Finance Commission for the National Capital Territory of Delhi.” Shri Satyendra Jain, Hon’ble Minister of Health replied. The Resolution was put to vote and rejected by voice-vote
5. Sh. Somnath Bharti 27-11-2015 2nd
“This House resolves that the Union Government be requested to reverse its decision of allotting land meant for school purpose at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg to the Bharatiya Janta Party and instead a school in the memory of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam be built on this site.” Hon’ble Minister of Transport replied. Resolution was adopted.
6. Sh. Vijender Gupta 20-11-2015 2nd
“This House resolves that the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Fund and Councilor’s Area Development Fund be allowed to be used inside the Cooperative Housing Society Complex, just as the way MLA Local Area Development Fund is being allowed to be used for said purpose.” Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister replied. Amended Resolution was adopted.
7. Sh. Jagdish Pradhan 26-06-2015 1st
“This House resolves that the basic amenities be immediately provided in the unauthorized colonies for their regularization; for the betterment of the people of Delhi living in worst conditions due to unjust policies of the previous Governments.” Amended Resolution was adopted.
8. Sh. Sanjeev Jha 26-06-2015 1st
“This House resolves that the Delhi Development Authority be transferred to the Delhi Govt. immediately.” Adopted.
9. Sh. Jarnail Singh
(Rajouri Garden)
26-06-2015 1st
“In view of the possibilities of situation like emergency in the present scenario even after a long period of independence, this House resolves that the Govt. of India should take appropriate steps for strengthening of the federal structure & democratic setup by making necessary amendments in the Constitution to prevent such situation.” Adopted.
10. Sh. Jarnail Singh
(Tilak Nagar)
26-06-2015 1st
“It has been revealed from the Media reports that the officers/officials of Anti Corruption Branch of Delhi Government are not being allowed to work in the proper manner. This House recommends that appropriate action should be taken in this regard so that the Anti Corruption Branch be able to work fearlessly and impartially.” Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister replied. Resolution was adopted.
11. Sh. Somnath Bharti 27-05-2015 1st
Annexured Resolution adopted on 27/5/2015. Link given below:
Resolution Link
Replied by Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister and Hon’ble Chief Minister, Resolution was adopted.
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