Delhi Legislative Assembly
Government Resolutions
(Under Rule-90)
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Date Session Text of the Resolution Remarks
1. Shri Satyendar Jain 26-11-2018 7th
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 26 November, 2018: Taking into consideration the following facts:
• That as per the records of the National Crime Records Bureau, the National Capital Territory of Delhi has acquired and has been consistently maintaining the dubious distinction of being the National Crime Capital as well,
• That the NCT of Delhi has become totally unsafe for its inhabitants, particularly women, children and elderly, in the wake of ghastly crimes such as rapes, kidnaps and murders becoming order of the day,
• That the people of NCT of Delhi live in perpetual fear as to whether the near and dear ones who are out on work would be able to return home safely at the end of the day,
• That due to subversive, disruptive and anti-people instructions given to Delhi Police by Union Government through Lt. Governor, the elected Government is not in a position to enlist any support from Delhi Police even in enforcing central laws such as Essential Services Maintenance Act, when needed,
• That the elected Chief Minister and Ministers can be attacked in their own office and at the public events hosted by the elected government,
• That those who attack the Chief Minister have the audacity to file complaint against the elected Chief Minister and pressure Delhi Police to register FIR against the Chief Minister,
• That the Delhi Police, in spite of its officials on duty being eye witnesses to such attacks on the Chief Minister, tries to hush them up with grossly illogical arguments which have turned the Delhi Police sadly into a butt of ridicule,
• That the Delhi Police is not accountable to the elected Government, the Legislators and the Legislative Assembly who are charged with the responsibility of looking after overall well being of the people of Delhi, • That the seven Members of LokSabha belonging to BJP and the recently retired three Members of RajyaSabha belonging to Congress have no proven record of their efforts to hold Delhi Police to account through Parliament, with 7 BJP Members of LokSabha actively assisting Delhi Police in spreading anarchy and harassment of ordinary people,
• That the elected government is not in a position to remove these grave deficiencies in the service of people on account of certain limitations imposed by the Constitution which kept ‘police’ out of the purview of the elected Government,
• That it has become a huge and unassailable challenge for the elected Government to discharge its functions and to look after public interest in the absence any control whatsoever over Delhi Police and
• That it is necessary for the elected Government to have certain degree of control over law enforcing agencies to ensure that decisions taken by it in public interest are implemented thereby contributing to welfare of people and also the public order, Resolves that:
The Union government take immediate steps, in larger public interest, to initiate necessary steps to bring the Police in Delhi under the control of the elected government of NCT of Delhi and to make it accountable to the Legislative Assembly as is the case with any other State in the Union of India, by way of amending the Constitution and relevant laws, and In the meanwhile, pending such amendments, necessary steps be initiated by the Government of India to devolve certain powers to the elected Government so that it is in a position to have control over Delhi Police in implementing its decisions, including the decision to invoke ESMA from time to time for smooth running of civic services in public interest and in promotion of public order and for providing for security of its functionaries in discharge of their duties.”
2. Shri Manish Sisodia 11-06-2018 7th
“The Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory in its sitting held on Friday, 8th June 2018 resolves that:
Keeping in view the decades-old aspirations of the residents of National Capital Territory of Delhi for a better quality of life commensurate with their contribution to the country’s economy, which have been strongly and unambiguously reflected in the views expressed by Hon’ble members of this August House, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, must take all necessary legal and legislative steps to declare NCT of Delhi a fullfledged state without any further delay. This House notes with extreme disappointment that successive Central Governments have without any valid justification attempted to undermine the basic rights of the people of Delhi by denying them statehood. People of Delhi can no longer be kept at the mercy of a Central Government appointed Lieutenant Governor, who has no accountability towards the public and enjoys absolute power without any responsibility. Elected representatives are directly accountable to the voters and are rightly questioned by the people on issues affecting their daily lives and developmental issues. It is, therefore, beyond any legal and reasonable understanding that how can a politically nominated LG be the super-boss of a democratically elected council of ministers which is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly? Ever since 1952 and then later in 1993, when the Legislative Assembly was set-up in its present form for NCT of Delhi, every single elected Delhi Government has strongly demanded statehood in order to be able to fulfil the aspirations of the people. In 2003, the then Hon’ble Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Mr LK Advani had on 18th August 2003 presented the Constitution Amendment Bill and the Bill for statehood of Delhi in the LokSabha. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, headed by the then chairman Mr Pranab Mukherjee in its 106th report tabled in Parliament in December 2003 had strongly endorsed the bill. Unfortunately, however, due to dissolution of the LokSabha a few months later, the bill lapsed. Strangely, no attempt was made to revive the bill after that despite the same party having been in power at the Centre and in Delhi for 10 years since 2004. This House is of the view that now since almost 16 years have passed since the previous Delhi statehood bill was presented in Parliament and there were some shortcomings in that bill, therefore the MHA must consult the elected Government to be on the same page about the fresh draft bill. This House resolves that the NDMC area in Delhi, which is governed by the NDMC Act be kept under the exclusive control of the Central Government, and the rest of NCT of Delhi be declared a full-fledged state through a Constitutional Amendment Bill. Earlier in 1990 also a Constitution Amendment bill for statehood of Delhi was planned but unfortunately that attempt also could not materialise. Therefore, the people of Delhi will not tolerate any further unjustified delay in granting them their rights, which have been denied for decades despite promises having been made by all political parties repeatedly in their election campaigns. This House strongly demands that the MHA must place the feelings of the people of Delhi before both Houses of Parliament in the form of a Constitution Amendment Bill to grant full statehood for Delhi.”
3. Shri Rajender Pal Gautam 26-03-2018 7th
“The Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in its sitting held on 26 March 2018 resolves:
That having noted with serious concern the plight of officers of Delhi Administration Subordinate Services (DASS) Cadre, who have been facing acute stagnation at all levels due to long pending restructuring of their cadre and resultant lack of promotional avenues, our Cabinet approved the proposal for restructuring of DASS cadre vide Cabinet Decision No.2283 dated 31.12.2015. That to our utter dismay, this Cabinet Decision could not materialize till now, even after lapse of more than two years due to lackadaisical and indifferent attitude of the officers responsible for examining such service matters and placing proposals before appropriate authority for approval/implementation. Further, now having realized with great dissatisfaction that these authorities have overlooked the need of the hour and miserably failed in providing an efficient state administration of dedicated and motivated workforce to serve the people of Delhi, this House resolves that: Pursuant to Cabinet Decision No.2283 dated 31 December 2015, DASS Cadre be restructured and parity between DASS cadre and CSS Cadre as proposed in para 5 of the Cabinet Note be established immediately without any delay. Since the employees of Steno Cadre are also facing acute stagnation similar to DASS cadre, it is also resolved that Steno Cadre also be restructured on the pattern of CSSS cadre of GOI. All procedural formalities for amending the DASS Rules, 1967 and restructuring of DASS and Steno Cadre be completed by the Services Department exactly within a month from the date adoption of this Resolution by the House. Further, this House also resolves that the proposal be considered by the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi on priority and approval be accorded for its expeditious implementation.”
4. Shri Kailash Gahlot 10-10-2017 6th “The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 09 October, 2017 : Taking note of the fact that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has once again proposed to steeply hike the passenger fare with effect from 10 October, 2017 against the wishes of the Government of NCT of Delhi and in gross violation of recommendations of the Fare Fixation Committee; Expressing Serious concern that such anti-people proposal is sought to be implemented when the common man is already reeling under severe financial burden imposed by poor implementation of GST, demonetization unprecedented price rise, hike in fuel prices and general economic mismanagement by the Centre; Dismayed with the insensitive approach of those responsible for proposed fare hike without any concern for common people who are struggling to make ends meet at a time when the country’s economy is on a tail spin; Worried about the obvious negative impact of fare hike on livelihood of common people, environment and traffic flow; Calls upon all the stakeholders to stop forthwith the implementation of the proposed fare hike by DMRC; Appeals to the Government of India to take into consideration the pro-people concerns raised by the Government of NCT of Delhi; and Urges upon the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India to quickly and actively intervene so that the proposed unlawful and anti-people fare hike is reversed in the interest of common people and the environment.”
5. Shri KailashGahlot 28-06-2017 5th
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 28 June, 2017: Taking note of the fact that there are thousands of families living in different area of Delhi such as Najafgarh, Matiala, Mundka, Kanjhawala, Mehrauli, Narelaetc, who had been allotted small parcels of Gram Sabha land way back in the 1970s and early 80s, including the allotments made under the Government of India’s 20-point programme; Dismayed by the fact that these persons who were admitted as Asamis under section 74 of the Delhi Land Reforms Act (1954) have not been declared as Bhumidars under the DLR Act, despite having reclaimed the waste land and continue to be in possession carrying out agricultural activities; Noting that Section 74 (4) of the DLR Act makes it clear that once a person was admitted as Asami then, at the end of five years, it was duty of the Gram Sabha to report to the Revenue Assistant the extent to which reclamation has been made by such person and thereafter it was duty of the Revenue Assistant to carry out necessary enquiry and after hearing the Asami, either order the termination of the lease and his ejectment if there has been no reclamation or extend his lease for another period of two years; Also noting that if, however, the land has been duly reclaimed during the period of five years or during the extended period, the Revenue Assistant shall direct the Gram Sabha to admit the Asami as Bhumidar under section 73; Brings to the notice of the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor the Cabinet decision No 1891 dated 21.05.2012 approving the grant of Bhumidari rights to original allottees or their next of kin or legal heirs, if they are still in possession of the said land parcels and are carrying out agricultural activities; Strongly urges the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor that all the persons who were admitted as Asamis under section 74 of the Delhi Land Reforms Act (1954) be declared as Bhumidars, at once.”
6. Shri Arvind Kejriwal 15-11-2016 4th
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 15 November, 2016: Noting with anger and anguish that the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has delivered a huge blow to the common people and economy of India through his address to the nation on 08 November, 2016 at 8 pm; Condemning the way in which the decision to implement the devastating and mysterious demonetization scheme was taken in a most non-transparent and undemocratic manner; Expressing shock over the way in which the Government of India sought to impose upon the nation its ill-conceived, unscientific and draconian scheme which has turned crores and crores of honest Indians into helpless victims; Denouncing the stubbornness being displayed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister in going ahead with implementation of the scheme in a most insensitive manner knowing fully well that he has unleashed untold misery in the lives of honest and hardworking Indians; Censuring the political leadership of the Government of India for perpetuating rank incompetence - in spite of 10 month long preparation as was claimed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister - leading to lethal consequences for the economy and honest people of the country; Deploring the Hon’ble Prime Minister for punishing the common people of India instead of fulfilling his promise of bringing back black money lodged in foreign banks; Condoling the loss of lives of honest Indians while struggling for hours together in unending queues to get back just a few hundred rupees of their own hard earned money through banks and ATMs; Warning the Prime Minister not to insult the common people standing in serpentine queues at Banks and ATMs by calling them corrupt; Sympathising with all those innocent Indians who have been going through most agonizing times for no fault of theirs; Sharing the sorrow of mothers who are unable to feed their children; Grieving with those who lost their near and dear ones due to refusal of treatment by hospitals on account of valid legal tender suddenly being declared invalid by Hon’ble Prime Minister; Resolves to urge upon Hon’ble President of India to direct the Government of India to withdraw at once the draconian demonetization scheme; to take necessary steps to institute a high-level probe to be monitored by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to look into the allegations that the scheme is a fraud on the nation and that it has been launched to benefit a particular political party through its agents in black money market; and to refer the allegations of receipt of bribes by persons holding high offices from Birla and Sahara Groups to Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with the request to order suitable inquiry.”
7. Shri Arvind Kejriwal 30-09-2016 4th
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 30 September, 2016: Condemns in strongest possible terms the cowardly attack on Army Camp in Uri by Pakistan sponsored terrorists, Condoles the sad demise of 19 of our soldiers in the said attack, Congratulates the brave armed forces, Chiefs of three Services, Prime Minister, Ministers of Home and Defence, all other Members of Council of Ministers and the people of the Country for giving befitting reply to the enemy forces from across the border and for conveying stern message on behalf of our country and our people, Warns Pakistan to desist from repeating such misadventures henceforth, Urges upon the Government of India to proactively take all necessary measures to ensure that our Military Installations are fully secured so that tragic incidents such as attacks on Uri and Pathankot do not recur, Extends wholehearted support to measures to be initiated by the Government of India for protecting the people and territorial integrity of our Country, and Exhorts the Government of India to continue with the time-tested measures to build, sustain and consolidate the friendly relationship with all neighbouring countries and to isolate rogue elements which are responsible for causing hardships to people of the sub-continent.”
8. Shri Manish Sisodia 24-08-2016 4th
“That this House ratifies the amendments to the Constitution of India falling within the purview of clause (b) of the proviso to clause (2) of Article 368, proposed to be made by the Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty Second Amendment) Bill, 2014, as passed by both the Houses of Parliament.”
9. Shri Jagdeep Singh 29-03-2016 3rd “That this House, having understood the hardships being faced by both the jewelers and prospective customers in the wake of recent proposal in the Union Budget to impose 1% excise duty on non-silver jewellery, resolves that such a move is detrimental to the interest of all concerned and urges upon the Prime Minister of India to direct the Union Finance Minister to immediately roll back the proposed excise duty”
10. Sh. Manish Sisodia 22-12-2015 2nd
“That having noted with grave concern the serious allegations regarding irregularities in the functioning of the DDCA, this House resolves that:
• Pursuant to Section 3 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952, a Commission of Inquiry be constituted by the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi to inquire into these allegations. This House further resolves that: • The Government may prescribe appropriate terms of reference for the Commission, as it deems fit.”
11. Sh. Manish Sisodia 22-12-2015 2nd
“This House takes serious note of the raids conducted by CBI on 15 December, 2015 in the Office of the Hon’ble Chief Minister located in the Secretariat of the Government of NCT of Delhi. This House condemns the high handedness of the Government of India in resorting to such acts which are violative of the federal structure of the country and the spirit of the Constitution.”
12. Shri Sandeep Kumar 03-08-2015 1st
“That having noted with anguish and deep sense of regret the ever increasing incidence of crime against women in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and perceived negligence and inability on the part of law enforcing agency in dealing with this grave situation, this House resolves that:
• Pursuant to Section 3 of The Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952, a Commission of Inquiry, consisting of not more than three members including a retired Judge who will be its Chairman, be constituted by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
The House further resolves that:
• The terms of reference for the Commission so constituted shall, broadly, be:
1. To receive unheeded complaints regarding crimes such as violence, sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism etc., that are committed against women since February, 2013, i.e. subsequent to amendments made to IPC and CrPC on the basis of some of the recommendations made by Justice Verma Committee and suggest action to Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi,
2. To suggest necessary amendments to the relevant laws, if any,
3. To recommend to Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi whether any case of negligence or collusion is made out prima facie in the cases examined,
4. To recommend measures to expedite all the proceedings in such criminal cases,
5. To propose measures to be taken to properly implement the provisions of existing laws as well as the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee and to prevent recurrence of such incidents,
6. To recommend welfare measures for improving the working conditions of the real foot soldiers in the law enforcing agencies, and
7. To address any other issue/s that the Commission may find relevant during the course of its inquiry.
The House also resolves that:
The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi is wholly authorized to enlarge the scope of inquiry to be conducted by the Commission thus constituted, if the circumstances so warrant.”
13. Sh. Manish Sisodia 25-03-2015 1st
“This House strongly condemns the attempt by the Union Government to dilute the efforts for eradication of corruption from Delhi by curtailing the jurisdiction of the Anti Corruption Branch. Vide Gazette Notification dated 23rd July 2014, the Union Home Ministry has unilaterally restricted the powers of the Anti Corruption Branch and limited it to only the officers and employees of the Government of Nation Capital Territory of Delhi. This House fully understands the will of the people of Delhi to completely eradicate the scourge of corruption from every sphere of life and resolves that no efforts to dilute the anti-corruption movement should be tolerated. This House further resolves that the matter be immediately taken up with the Union Government to withdraw the notification and directs that the Anti Corruption Branch of the government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi should function as per its original mandate as it existed prior to the notification dated 23rd July 2014.”
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