Wednesday, 18th August, 2010/27 Shravan, 1932 (Saka)

2.00 PM




Question Hour: Starred Questions as shown in the separate list to be asked and answered.


Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members to raise matters under Rule 280:

1. Shri Subhash Sachdeva

2. Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal

3. Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan

4. Ch. Surender Kumar

5. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan

6. Prof.Vijay Kumar Malhotra

7. Shri Mohan Singh Bisht

8. Shri S.P.Ratawal

9. Shri Ramesh Bidhuri

10. Dr. Jagdish Mukhi




Adoption of Reports:

1. Shri Kanwar Karan Singh

    Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan

    to move the following Motion:

That “this House agrees with the  Fifth Report of of Business Advisory Committee presented on 17th August, 2010”.

2. Shri Rajesh Jain

    Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal

    to move the following Motion:

That “this House agrees with the Fifth Report of Committee on Private Members Bills & Resolutions presented on 17th August, 2010”.


Presentation of Report:

Shri Kanwar Karan Singh

Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan

      to present the Second Report of General Purposes Committee.


Papers to be laid on the Table:

1. Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister to lay the copies of:

(i) Annual Report for the Year 2006-07 of Guru Gobind singh Indraprashtha University for the period 01.04.2006 to 31.03.2007

(ii) 10th Annual Report of the Lokayukta for the period 2008-09.

2. Shri Mangat Ram Singhal, Minister of Labour to lay the copies of following notifications:

(i)                 F.1/1/(2)/97-LC/Estt./Vol.II/143 dated 13-04-2010 regarding appointment of Shri T.R. Naval as Presiding Officer Labour Court.

(ii)              ED4(17) Lab-E/10/6046 dated 09-07-2010 regarding approval of location of 8 electric Sub-Station

(iii)            28/06/JLC/ESI/Lab/03/1931 dated 19-07-2010 regarding regularization of Medical Scheme.

(iv)             Ed/Misc/DMRC/Lab-E1/08/5422 22-06-2010 regarding delegation of power of inspector of lifts.

(v)                F.1/31/404/LC/Estt./06/2289 06-08-2010 regarding Recruitment Rule of Dy. Chief Inspector in the office of Labour Commissioner.

3. Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, Minister of Transport to lay the report  No. PA 17 of 2008 of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India regarding Implementation of Phase I of Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited.



Short Duration Discussion:


Dr. Harshvardhan

Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal

Shri Anil Bhardwaj

          to initiate discussion on situation arising out of price rise and measures to control it.




18th August, 2010                                              P.N.Mishra