Friday, 02nd September, 2011/17 Bhadrapada, 1933 (Saka)

2.00 PM



Question Hour: Starred Questions as shown in the separate list to be asked and answered.



Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members to raise matters under Rule 280:

1.     Shri Rajesh Lilothia

2.    Shri Devender Yadav

3.    Ch. Surender Kumar

4.    Shri A.Dayanand Chandela A.

5.    Shri Anil Kumar

6.    Shri Anil Jha

7.    Shri Jai Kishan

8.    Shri O.P.Babbar

9.    Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal

10.Shri Mukesh Sharma




Private Members Resolutions :


1.Sh. Naseeb Singh to move the following resolution:

         “This House resolves that the amount deposited by various departments (viz. Jal Board, NDPL, BSES, MTNL and IGL) under ‘R.R.Cut’ Head in the MCD; be spent on ‘R.R.Cut’ only and this amount be not spent in any other Head and provisions be made in the Rules to punish the officers found guilty for doing so.


          This House also resolves that on recommendation of the MLA’s, permission be granted to spent the amount deposited under ‘R.R.Cut’ Head on other development works.”


2.Sh. Veer Singh Dhingan to move the following resolution:

         “This House resolves that the inhabitants of all the rehabilitation colonies of Delhi be granted ownership rights with immediate effect.”



Delhi                                                                                            P.N. Mishra

02nd September, 2011                                                                    Secretary