Friday, 26th March, 2010/ 5 Chaitra 1932 (Saka)

                                                          2.00 PM



Question Hour: Starred Questions as shown in the separate list to be asked and replies given.        



Special Mention (Rule-280): Following Members to raise matters under Rule-280:

  1. Shri Sat Prakash Rana
  2. Shri Mukesh Sharma
  3. Shri Kulwant Rana
  4. Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra
  5. Shri Naresh Gaur
  1. Shri Manoj Kumar Shokeen
  2. Shri Ramesh Bidhuri
  3. Shri Rama Kant Goswami
  4. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan

   10. Dr. S. C.L. Gupta



Presentation of Report:

Shri Mala Ram Gangwal

Shri Ramesh Bidhuri

  to present the First Report of Committee on Welfare of SC/ST/OBC /Minorities.


Adoption of Report:

     Shri Rajesh Jain

Shri O.P.Babber

        to move the following Motion:

“That this House agrees with the Fourth Report of Committee on Private Member’s Bills & Resolutions presented on 25th March, 2010”.


Private Members Resolutions:

1.   Discussion on following resolution of Shri Balram Tanwar moved on19th March 2010:

           “This house resolves that special status be accorded to all urbanized and rural villages of Delhi facilitating exemption from House Tax, Property Tax etc. and purview of building laws/bye-laws.

This House also resolves that these villages be granted special rebate in the electricity and water charges under special status.”

2. Shri Karan Singh Tanwar to move the following resolution:

           “This house resolves that in view of the miserable living conditions of the unemployed persons in Delhi, appropriate unemployment allowances be provided with immediate effect.

3. Shri Naseeb Singh to move the following resolution:

           “This House resolves that for proper development of urbanized villages and extended ‘abadi area’, the work relating to development of these villages be included in the Rural Development Board immediately.”

4. Dr. S.C.L. Gupta to move the following resolution:

           “This House resolves that ‘Delhi Health & Hospitals Regulatory Authority’ be constituted to ensure the Government & Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes more responsible towards the people”.

Delhi                                                                                           Siddharath Rao

26th March, 2010                                                                               Secretary