Sher TK AC






The Fourth Delhi Legislative Assembly

(First Session)

22nd December, 2008

Hon’ble Speaker, Chief Minister, Ministers and members of the Legislative Assembly,

  I welcome you to this first session of the newly elected Legislative Assembly. I do hope that as elected representatives of the people, you will contribute to healthy and meaningful discussions, on issues of vital importance to the welfare of the people and shoulder the responsibility of making Delhi a peaceful and a prosperous city and help showcase Delhi as a world class city, which offers warm hospitality and world class infrastructure for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games. I am hopeful that your deliberations in the Assembly, would be constructive and would contribute towards the achievement of the developmental objectives. I would impress upon you the need, to nurture the fine traditions of constructive debate set in this Assembly and contribute towards strengthening the role of this august body in providing a good quality of life for the people of Delhi.
2. At this inaugural session of the 4th Assembly, I place on record my deep appreciation for the efforts of the public, voters and leaders of all political parties, as well as the administrative machinery, in the peaceful conduct of the elections.
3. The efforts of the last ten years have been rewarded by the people by reposing faith in the government headed by the current Chief Minister for the third continuous term. The Commonwealth Games are scheduled for October 2010, and the city needs to complete all the ongoing projects, in time for the Games. This will be the government’s top most priority. The city is growing rapidly and we have to keep pace with this growth by creating the required infrastructure of power, water, transport, health, education and other social services. The government in its previous term had initiated many projects which will be pursued to be completed well in time for the Games.
4. Public transport is critical for mobility and the national policy is to promote public transport. We are taking measures to phase out the Blue line buses and bring in corporate entities to provide modern low floor buses, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned, for the comfort of the commuters, apart from the buses ordered by Delhi Transport Corporation. Major policy initiatives will be taken by my government in this regard in the months to come, which will address the entire gamut of issues like air pollution, financing public transport, making DTC viable, construction of new ISBTs, bus depots, dedicated bus corridors, etc.
5. It is a matter of great pride for the city that the green cover of Delhi has increased from 26 sq. kms. to more than 300 sq. kms. which is more than 20% of the land area of Delhi. This is a singular achievement for the city, which has not been tried out anywhere else in the country. The city today is one of the greenest capitals in the world. Through complete conversion of public transport of buses, taxies and autos to CNG, large plantation drives and environment friendly policies, we have been able to control air pollution within the norms set by the Central Pollution Control Board.
6. Delhi remains a major tourist destination in India as about 40% of international tourists coming to India, visit this city. This is due to the fact that Delhi is a center of India’s heritage. In fact, our city has the distinction of having three world heritage sites, the Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort. We have taken various initiatives in the recent years for the development of tourist infrastructure, conservation of monuments and provision of facilities for the tourists. My Government is committed to take further steps in this direction and specially to make the city more tourism friendly. 
7. The government has to hear the citizens and their grievances in order to redress their concerns. In order to give proper attention to the grievances of the citizens, a Grievance Management System “Aap Ki Sunwai” has been set up and grievances of the public are being redressed. The Government has won many awards during the last year for its IT initiatives. Data Quest Magazine has declared Delhi Government as the "BEST e-GOVERNED STATE IN NORTHERN REGION" in 2008. Officers of Education Department have received the prestigious "Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in Public Administration" for ‘Radical Improvement in Delhi Government School System’ on Civil Service Day (21st April 2008). 
8. My Government has emphasized the promotion of high-tech, low energy intensive and non-polluting industries in Delhi, that can achieve optimum levels of production, using less space and power. We will implement policies in the industrial and services areas which will take measures to address the concerns of climate change challenges in creating sustainable growth for Delhi.
9. We are committed to make Delhi the best city in India and an example of good governance, in the years to come. I seek the cooperation of the newly elected members of the Legislative Assembly to realize the dreams of the people of Delhi of living in a city which is caring and productive, embracing change and creating talent to make our life environmentally sustainable and prosperous.
10. I wish to conclude by enjoining upon the members to remember the oath that they have taken while being sworn-in as members of this august Assembly and resolve that the confidence reposed in them by the people will be re-paid through self-less dedication towards improving the quality of life of the citizens of Delhi. I wish you all success in this endeavor.
  Jai Hind !!!