Delhi Legislative Assembly
Calling Attention

(Rule - 54)

List of Calling Attentions

Under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure of the Delhi Assembly, a member may give notice for calling the attention of a Minister to a matter of urgent public importance to the Assembly Secretary three hours before the commencement of the sitting. A copy of the notice is sent to the Minister concerned immediately for his comments which when received are provided to the member.

Only one matter is taken up on a day. All calling attention notices are placed before the Speaker who decides the notice, which is more urgent and important and directs that it be listed for the day. On any such notice being admitted the member shall confine himself to the text of the notice and the Minister concerned may make his brief statement on the matter given notice of on the same day or may seek time to make a statement on a future day.

There is no debate on the issue. After the Minister has replied, the members in whose name the item stands in the list of business can, with the permission of the Speaker, ask clarificatory questions. The Speaker can also allow any other member to ask questions for elucidating facts relating to the matter.

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