Bulletin Part-I

(Brief summary of proceedings)

             Wednesday 9th December, 2009/ Agrahayan 18, 1931(Saka)


No. 20


2.00 P.M    Dr. Yoganand Shastri,  Hon’ble Speaker in Chair


                           National Song- Vande Mataram



2.02 P.M

Hon’ble Speaker welcomed all the Members of the House in the Third Session of the Assembly.  The Chair stated that an Orientation Programme was held from 5th to 7th December, 2009 in which many members participated and various eminent personalities well versed in parliamentary system delivered lectures on different subjects.

The Chair requested the Members to raise their matter decorously and help him to conduct the House smoothly.



2.04 P.M

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition and all the Members of Bhartiya Janta Party stood up their seat and shouted slogans on the issue of price rise.


2.15 P.M

The Chair welcomed both newly elected Members; Shri Pardumn Rajput (Bhartiya Janta Party) and Shri Asif Mohd. Khan  (Rashtriya Janta Dal).



2.19 P.M

Pandemonium continued…



2.20 P.M

House adjourned for half an hour due to indecorous behaviour of the Members of Bhartiya Janta Party.


2.50 P.M

House reassembled.

Hon’ble Speaker in Chair.




 Special  Mention (Rule 280): Following Members  raised matters under Rule  280:

1. Shri Bharat Singh

2. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan

3. Shri Surender Kumar

4. Shri Surinder Pal Singh


3.13 P.M

Presentation of Reports:-

1.  Shri Anil Bhardwaj presented the Third Report of Business Advisory Committee.

2.  Shri Rajesh Jain presented the Second Report of Private Member’s Bills & Resolutions.



3.14 P.M

Papers laid on the Table:

  1. Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, Minister of Education  laid the Copy of Audit Report of DTC Employees Provident Fund Trust for the Year 2004-05 (English & Hindi Version)
  2. Shri Raj Kumar Chauhan, Minister of Development laid the Copy of Annual Report for the year 2008-09 of the Delhi Co-operative Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (English & Hindi)




3.15 P.M

Pandemonium in the House continued, Members of the Opposition came into the well of the House and shouted slogans and waived the banners. The Chair announced the names of the Members for initiating the Short Duration Discussion on the problem of price rise in the Capital but the Opposition Members did not initiated the discussion.

The Chair adjourned the House upto 2.00 P.M on 10th December, 2009.



9th December, 2009

Siddharath Rao