Bulletin Part-I

                                      (Brief summary of proceedings)

Tuesday, 30th August, 2011/14, Bhadrapada, 1933 (Saka)

No. 61

2.00 PM       Dr. Yoganand Shastri , Hon’ble Speaker in Chair



2.01 PM


Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition sought to know about the decision taken on the notice of Adjournment Motion given by him under Rule-59 regarding indictment of the Chief Minister by the various investigation agencies for the work relating to Commonwealth Games and regarding condemnation of hike in power tariffs.

The Chair ruled that a notice of Adjournment Motion had been received from the Leader of Opposition on the aforesaid issues. As per Sub Rule (2) of Rule-61 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Assembly, “not more than one matter shall be discussed on the same motion”. As Hon’ble Leader of opposition had mentioned more than one issue in the text of his notice; it was not in conformity with the above rule. Hence, the consent to move the Motion has not been given.


2.02 PM

The Members of Bhartiya Janta Party were not satisfied with the ruling of the Chair.They stood up on their seats and demanded that the motion be accepted.They also started raising slogans against the Government and came in the well of the House.

Pandemonium in the House.



2.05 PM

The Chair adjourned the House for 20 minutes due to disturbance in the proceedings.


2.25 PM

House reassembled.

Hon’ble Speaker in Chair


2.25 PM

The Members of Bhartiya Janta Party again came in the well of the House and stood up around the Chair of Hon’ble Speaker and started raising slogans.

Pandemonium continued…..

The Chair directed the following Members of the BJP to withdraw from the House for the remainder of day’s sitting for their disorderly conduct and asked the Marshals to carry out his direction :

  1. Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra
  2. Dr. Jagdish Mukhi
  3. Dr. Harshvardhan
  4. Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan
  5. Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal
  6. Shri Mohan Singh Bisht
  7. Shri Dharam Deo Solanki
  8. Shri Ravinder Nath Bansal
  9. Shri S.P. Ratawal
  10. Shri Kulwant Rana
  11. Shri Ramesh Bidhuri
  12. Shri Subhash Sachdeva



13. Shri Naresh Gaur

14. Shri Manoj Kumar Shokeen

15. Shri Sri Krishan Tyagi

16. Shri Sunil Kumar

17. Shri Sat Prakash Rana

18. Shri Shyam Lal Garg

19. Shri Parduymn Rajput

20. Shri Karan Singh Tanwar

21. Shri O.P. Babbar

22. Dr. S.C.L. Gupta

23. Shri Anil Jha

24. Shri Harsharan Singh Balli




2.35 PM

Question Hour: Starred Question No. 21, 25 & 29 were asked and replied. Replies to Starred Questions No. 22 to 24 & 26 to 28 & 30 to 40 and Unstarred Questions No. 61 to 123 were placed on the table.


3.00 PM

Statement of the Chief Minister:

       Chief Minister stated that the allegations made by the Members of BJP are baseless and beyond reality.

       She also stated that the report of the CAG is under consideration of the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament. We are unable to make any comment on the report till the PAC arrives at any conclusion. As far as the report of the Shunglu Committee is concerned, the aforesaid report has been duly replied by the Government para-wise. It is being studied by the Group of Ministers, Government of India.

       She reiterated the fact that the insistence of the BJP Members to discuss the reports of the CAG and Shunglu Committee is unconstitutional as it has not been laid in this House. They only want to politicize the issue.


3.17 PM

Statement of Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, Minister of Education:

        Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, Minister of Education stated that the demand of the BJP to discuss the CAG report in this House, is unconstitutional. As per Parliamentary norms and constitutional provisions, neither the report of the CAG can be discussed in the House nor can any member quote the text of the report in his speech.

       Moreover, the reports of the CAG are technical in nature and it is impossible to discuss it in the House. Public Accounts Committee is the appropriate body to discuss or comment on it. Government can take action only on the report of the PAC.


3.27 PM

Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members raised matters under Rule 280:

1. Shri A Daya Nand Chandela A

2. Shri Surender Kumar (Hon’ble Speaker intervened)

                                     (Chief Minister also intervened)


3.38 PM

Calling Attention Motion :

Shri Mukesh Sharma, Shri Subhash Chopra and Shri Neeraj

Basoya called the attention of Minister of Power regarding hike

in power tariff by DERC and mismanagement of the power




4.10 PM

Minister of Power replied to the Motion.


4.23 PM

      Following Members sought clarification :

1. Shri Mukesh Sharma

2. Shri Bharat Singh

3. Shri Neeraj Basoya

Minister of Power replied to the queries.







4.25 PM

Adoption of Reports:

1. Shri Kanwar Karan Singh moved the following motion:

    “That this House agrees with the Eighth Report of the Business Advisory Committee presented on 29th August, 2011.’’

 The Motion was adopted by voice vote.


2. Shri Kanwar Karan Singh moved the following motion:

    "That this House agrees with the Eighth Report of the Committee on Private Member's Bills and Resolutions presented on 29th August, 2011."

The Motion was adopted by voice vote.


4.27 PM

Presentation of Report:

    Shri Kanwar Karan Singh presented the First Report of Rules Committee.


4.28 PM

Papers laid on the Table:

Shri Ramakant Goswami, Minister of Labour laid the copies of the following reports:

1.     Copy of Annual Report of DSIIDC for the year 2006-07 (English & Hindi version).

2.     Copy of Annual Report of DSIIDC for the year 2007-08 (English & Hindi version).

  3.  Copy of Annual Report of DSIIDC for the year 2008-09 (English & Hindi    version).


4.28 PM

   Introduction of Bill:

Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister introduced ‘The Code of Criminal Procedure (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2011’ with the leave of the House.


4.30 PM

The Chair expressed his greetings on the eve of Eid.


4.31 PM

   House adjourned upto 2:00 PM on 1st September, 2011.




30th  August, 2011

P.N. Mishra