Bulletin Part-I

       (Brief summary of proceedings)

        Friday, 20th August 2010/ Shravan 29, 1932(Saka)

   No. 42

2.00 PM       Dr. Yoganand Shastri , Hon’ble Speaker in Chair



2.01 PM


The Chair stated that Short Duration Discussion on Law & Order could not be held on 19th August 2010 due to the absence of Police Commissioner in the Officers’ Gallery.  It was a matter of disrespect towards the House and the sentiments of Hon’ble Members.

The Chair stated that the aforesaid issue was very serious and directed the Government to always ensure the presence of Police Commissioner in the Officers’ Gallery in future as and when discussion on Law & Order or similar issues is taken up in the House.


2.03 PM

Motion Under Rule – 114:

Shri Anil Bhardwaj, Parliamentary Secretary to Chief Minister paid homage to Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India on his 66th birth anniversary on behalf of the House.



2.05 PM

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition stated that the opposition should also be consulted while bringing such motions before the House.

The Chair stated that the opposition should be consulted in future.


2.07 PM

Starred Question No. 61 & 62 were asked and replied.  Replies to Starred Question No. 63 to 80 and Un-starred Question No. 202 to 223 were placed on the table.













3.02 PM











Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members raised matters under Rule 280:

1. Shri Sri Krishan Tyagi

2. Shri Mohan Singh Bisht (Hon’ble Speaker & Minister of Health intervened).

3.Shri Pradyumn Rajput

4. Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal(Minister of Health intervened).

5.Shri Veer Singh Dhingan (Minister of Education intervened).

6. Shri Arvinder Singh(Minister of Education intervened).

7. Shri S.P.Ratawal

8. Shri Karan Singh Tanwar















Exchange of arguments between Shri Karan Singh Tanwar & the Members of Ruling Party on the issue raised by him.

The Chair directed the Secretariat to expunge the objectionable words stated by Shri Karan Singh Tanwar in his text.

The Chair also asked Shri Karan Singh Tanwar to table the papers related to the issue raised by him before the House.







Special Mention Contd….

 9.   Shri Balram Tanwar

10. Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan

11. Shri Shoaib Iqbal

12. Dr. Harshvardhan

13. Shri Shyam Lal Garg

14. Ch.Surender Kumar

15. Shri Kulwant Rana

16.Shri Subhash Sachdeva  (Minister of Urban Development intervened).


4.05 PM

House adjourned for tea-break


4.35 PM

House reassembled.

Hon’ble Speaker in Chair


4.36 PM

Private Members Resolutions:

1. Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan moved the following resolution:

This House resolves that the Unauthorized colonies be regularized without delay and all required basic amenities be provided in these colonies to provide relief to 40 lac inhabitants from sub-standard life.”

Following Members participated in the discussion:

2. Shri Mohan Singh Bisht

3. Dr. S.C.L.Gupta

4. Shri A Dayanand Chandela A

5. Ch. Surender Kumar


5.25 PM

Minister of Urban Development replied  to  the  debate  and requested

Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan to withdraw his resolution.

The Member did not withdraw his resolution.

The Resolution  was put to vote and rejected.


5.37 PM

2. Shri O.P.Babber moved the following resolution:

        “This House resolves that MCD should grant lease hold/free hold

documents  to  the   Metro - work   affected   persons  who  were rehabilitated/allotted shops in Metro Bazar, Tilak Nagar & other places by MCD”.



5.43 PM

 Shri O.P. Babber was asked whether he would like to withdraw

 his resolution or put it for vote.

The Member did not withdraw his resolution.

The Resolution was put to vote and rejected.



5.45 PM

House adjourned upto 11.00 AM on 23rd August 2010.


20th August, 2010

P.N. Mishra