Bulletin Part-I

                                      (Brief summary of proceedings)

                           Wednesday, 30th May, 2012/ Jyestha 09, 1934 (Saka)

No. 75

                   2.07 PM      Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Hon’ble Speaker in Chair



2.07 PM

Question Hour:  Starred question No.41 & 42 were asked and replied. Replies to starred question No. 43 to 60 and un-starred questions No. 164 to 241 were placed on the table.




3.02 PM


The Chair stated that a notice of Calling Attention under Rule-54 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the House; has been received from Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition regarding transfer of officers working under Delhi Government and MCD by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India without prior consultation with Delhi Government & MCD.


He further stated that although there has been a convention of this House for not allowing any Hon’ble Member to make statement on any issue relating to Government of India but the aforesaid issue pertains to the transfer of those officers who are working under Delhi Government and are implementing various important developmental schemes for general welfare of the public.


The Chair asked Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra to read the statement given by him in the notice of calling attention and clarified that there shall be no debate on this issue.


Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra made a statement on the above issue.


The Chair pointed out that Prof. Malhotra has given the statement beyond the matter which was mentioned by him in the notice of Calling Attention and requested all the Hon’ble Members to confine themselves to the matter mentioned in the notice in future.





3.07 PM


Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members raised matters under Rule 280:

  1. Shri O.P Babber
  2. Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan  (Hon’ble Speaker intervened)
  3. Ch. Mateen Ahmad    (Minister of Education intervened)
  4. Shri Dharam Deo Solanki
  5. Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra
  6. Shri Surender Kumar
  7. Shri Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal
  8. Ch. Surender Kumar
  9. Shri Shrikrishan Tyagi
  10. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan


3.41 PM

Papers laid on the Table:

Shri Haroon Yusuf, Minister of Power laid the copy of the 10th Annual Report of Delhi Power Company Limited for the year 2010-11.



3.42 PM

House adjourned for tea break upto 4.15 PM.


4.20 PM

House reassembled.

Hon’ble Speaker in Chair.


 4.21 PM


 Discussion on Annual Budget :

Further discussion on Annual Budget (2012-13) presented by the Chief Minister on 28th May, 2012.

Following Members participated in the debate:

  1. Shri Anil Bhardwaj
  2. Shri Kulwant Rana


5.24 PM

Statement by the Chief Minister:

The Chief Minister made the following statement in the House :


Today Delhi has met the  peak load of 5155 MW successfully which is the highest  ever in its history. Neither load shedding nor any diversion of power was necessitated during the peak hours. Sufficient arrangements have been made to meet the further increase in demand.


5.25 PM

Discussion on Annual Budget continued….

5. Shri Haroon Yusuf

6. Shri Naseeb Singh


6.03 PM

House adjourned upto 2.00 P.M. on Thursday, 31st  May, 2012



P.N. Mishra