Bulletin Part-I

                                      (Brief summary of proceedings)

Friday, 2nd September, 2011/17, Bhadrapada, 1933 (Saka)

No. 63

2.00 PM       Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Hon’ble Speaker in Chair



2.01 PM


Question Hour: Starred Question No. 61, 62, 70,72,73,77 & 79 were asked and replied. Replies to Starred Questions No. 63 to 69, 71, 74 to 76, 78 & 80 and Unstarred Questions No. 177 to 246 were placed on the table.



2.58 PM

The Chair stated that notices of Breach of Privilege, under Rule-66 of the Rules of Procedure & Conduct of Business of Legislative Assembly had been received from Shri Rajesh Lilothia and Shri Sumesh Shokeen against Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra in which they had stated that Prof. Malhotra and other Members of Bhartiya Janta Party showed indecorous and unparliamentary behaviour in the House on 29 and 30th August, 2011 and lowered the dignity of the House. They also distributed pamphlets in the House, shouted slogans and disturbed the proceedings which violated the provisions of Rule 261.


The Chair ruled that Proviso of Rule 68 of the Rules of Procedure & Conduct of Business of Legislative Assembly lays down “that if the complaint is against a member, the Speaker, before giving his consent and determining its admissibility, shall hear him after giving an opportunity to inspect the concerned documents, if any, and if need be, may also hear the complainant or any other member.”


Therefore, the aforesaid notices have been sent to Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Leader of Opposition for his comments.  As and when the comments will be received from him, Hon’ble Members would be informed about the action taken in this regard.



2.59 PM

Shri Rajesh Lilothia requested the Chair that the aforesaid notices of Breach of Privilege be considered forthwith.


The Chair denied the request and ruled that the established procedure as per Rules would be followed.



3.00 PM

Shri Rajkumar Chauhan, Minister of PWD stated that in view of the matters raised by the various Members on 01st September 2011 regarding the deteriorated condition of the roads of rural areas of Delhi, the ‘sense of the House’ would be conveyed to the MCD for proper maintenance of roads and sanitation.



Some Members of the Ruling Party stood up on their seats and requested that proper direction should be issued to the MCD in this regard.



3.05 PM

Shri Amrish Singh Gautam, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker in Chair.



3.08 PM

Chief Minister intervened and stated that the ‘sense of the House’ would be conveyed to Mayor of MCD, Chairman of Standing Committee of MCD and Hon’ble Lt. Governor on the aforesaid issue. The text of the resolution will be finalized after obtaining suggestions from the Members.



3.13 PM

Shri Kanwar Karan Singh, Chief Whip of Ruling Party stated that a news regarding collection of bribe being paid to MCD has been published in the ‘Mid-Day’ Newspaper.


Some Members of Ruling Party stood up on their seats and waved copies of the aforesaid news-item.


Chief Minister stated that appropriate action would be taken after properly examining the matter.



3.15 PM

Special Mention (Rule 280): Following Members raised matters under Rule 280:

  1. Shri Rajesh Lilothia (Minister of PWD intervened)
  2. Shri Devender Yadav
  3. Ch. Surender Kumar
  4. Shri A. Dayanand Chandela A.
  5. Shri Jai Kishan
  6. Shri Mukesh Sharma



3.37 PM

Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Hon’ble Speaker in Chair

Special Mention (Rule 280) continued…

  1. Shri Malaram Gangwal
  2. Shri Veer Singh Dhingan
  3. Shri Naseeb Singh




3.58 PM

Shri Bharat Singh, Hon’ble Member raised the issue of lack of quorum.

(Quorum Bell rang.)


4.00 PM

Quorum Completed.

Special Mention continued…

  1. Shri Bharat Singh



4.05 PM

Private Members Resolutions :

1.Sh. Naseeb Singh moved the following resolution:

         “This House resolves that the amount deposited by various departments (viz. Jal Board, NDPL, BSES, MTNL and IGL) under ‘R.R.Cut’ Head in the MCD; be spent on ‘R.R.Cut’ only and this amount be not spent in any other Head and provisions be made in the Rules to punish the officers found guilty for doing so.


          This House also resolves that on recommendation of the MLA’s, permission be granted to spent the amount deposited under ‘R.R.Cut’ Head on other development works.”


Following Members participated in the discussion:

2.  Shri Kanwar Karan Singh

1.     Shri A. Dayanand Chandela A.

2.     Shri Subhash Chopra


Minister of Urban Development replied to the debate and requested Shri Naseeb Singh to withdraw his resolution.

Hon’ble Member withdrew the same with the leave of the House.



4.27 PM

2.Sh. Veer Singh Dhingan moved the following resolution:

         “This House resolves that the inhabitants of all the rehabilitation colonies of Delhi be granted ownership rights with immediate effect.”



4.28 PM

 The Chair welcomed Shri Ramesh Lamba, Ex-Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly for his presence in the LG Gallery.



4.28 PM

Discussion on Resolution contd…

Shri Veer Singh Dhingan continued his speech.

Following Members participated in the discussion:

2. Shri Malaram Gangwal


Minister of Urban Development replied to the debate.


The resolution was put to vote and adopted by voice vote.



4.45 PM

House adjourned upto 2:00 PM on 5th September, 2011.



Delhi                                                                                                             P.N. Mishra

2nd  September, 2011                                                                             Secretary