The Monsoon Session commenced on 29th August 2011 and it was adjourned sine die on 5th September 2011. Total 05 sittings were held during this session.


Obituary Reference:


          The House will pay homage to Shri Brij Mohan Tufan, Member Metropolitan Council (1977-80) and Shri Satish Saxena, Member Metropolitan Council (1983-90).




 Total 464 notices of questions were received during this Session; including 100 Starred Questions & 289 Un-starred Questions and 08 questions were clubbed. 58 questions were rejected due to various reasons. 


    Out of the 100 questions listed for oral answering, 17 questions were replied by the concerned Ministers in the House and 69 Supplementary Questions were asked by the Members on them.



Papers laid on the Table:


   Ministers laid copies of 39 notifications issued from time to time by their respective departments during prorogation.


Presentation of Committee Reports:


        Reports of the following Committees were introduced and passed in the House during this session:


1.   8th Report of Business Advisory Committee.

2.   8th Report of the Committee on Private Member’s Bills and Resolutions.

3.   First Report of Rules Committee.

4.   Second Report of Government Assurance Committee.



Government Bill:


    Following Bills were introduced and passed during this Session:


1. The Code of Criminal Procedure (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2011

2.  The Delhi Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Bill, 2011

3. The Members of Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salaries, Allowances, Pension, etc.)(Amendment) Bill, 2011

4. The Ministers of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Salaries and Allowances)(Amendment) Bill, 2011


Calling Attention Motion:


    Discussion was held on the Calling Attention Motion moved on 30th August, 2011 regarding hike in power tariff by DERC and mismanagement of the power companies.



Special Mention (Rule 280):


The Members raised 42 matters during this Session as special mention by which they drew the attention of the House on different issues.  On 07 issues, keeping in view the importance of the problem, concerned Ministers intervened and replied.  As you must have observed that as in the past, in the current session also I attached more importance to the Special Mention and allowed maximum number of Members to raise their issues. On 1st September, 2011; Eighteen issues were raised under special Mention, which is a record in itself.


Notices of Breach of Privilege 


        Five notices of Breach of Privilege (One from the Opposition and Four from the Ruling Party) were received during this Session and action was taken on these notices; as per established Rules.


Short Duration Discussion:


    Following issues were taken up for Short Duration Discussion during this Session:



Shri Rajesh Lilothia

Ch. Anil Kumar

Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely

Discussion on improvement of environment of Delhi.




Shri Naseeb Singh

Shri Devender Yadav

Shri Nand Kishor

Discussion on condition of slum katras & slum bastis of Delhi and future planning of Slum Board.



Although some important issues had also been listed for Short Duration Discussion on 29th and 30th August, 2011 but those could not be taken up for discussion due to absence of the Members of the Opposition.



Resolutions of the Private Members:


Following Two resolutions were taken up for discussion on Private Member’s day i.e., 2nd September 2011:



This House was adjourned sine-die on the 05th September, 2011 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).