Bill No 3 of 1997



Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in the Forty-Eighth year of the Republic of India as follows :-


Short title, and                  1.  (1)            This Act may be called the Punjab Courts commencement                     (Delhi Amendment) Act, 1997.

                                  (2)            It shall come into force on such date as may be                                                             notified in the Official Gazette by the Government of                                                         the National Capital Territory of Delhi in this behalf.


Amendment of  Punjab            In the Punjab Courts Act 1918 (Punjab Act No. 6 of Courts Act, 1918                1918) as extended to the National Capital Territory (Punjab Act No.6 of 1918)            of Delhi,  after section 21 the following new section                                                             21-A shall be inserted, namely :-


21 A - Assignment of                     The High Court or the District Judge may assign to

function of the District             an Additional District Judge any of the functions of

Judge to Additional                   the District Judge including the functions of

District Judge.                         receiving and registering cases and appeals, which                                                   but for such assignment of functions, could be                                                        instituted in the Court of the District Judge, and in                                                 the discharge of those functions the Additional                                                       District judge shall notwithstanding anything                                                                      contained in the Act, exercise the same powers as the                                                 District Judge.




*            i)            Introduced on                       18-3-1997

ii)            Passed on                    19-3-1997

iii)            Assented on               03-04-1997

iv)                Published in the

Gazette on                        07-04-1997