Revised List of Business

Friday 10th  March 2006/ 19 Phalguna 1927 (Saka)

                                                  2.00 PM


Question Hour: Starred Questions as shown in separate list to be asked and replies given.



 Special Mention (Rule 280):   Members to raise matters under Rule 280:

1. Shri Puran Chand Yogi                                   6.Shri Mohan Singh Bisht

2.  Dr. Harsh Vardhan                                         7. Shri Kulwant Rana

3. Shri Brahm Pal                                                8. Dr. Kiran Walia




 Paper to be laid on the Table:

Shri Harun Yusuf, Minister of Power to lay the copies of the following:

1. First Annual Report 2001-2002 in respect of Delhi Power Company Limited (Hindi &English Version).

2.Second Annual Report 2002-2003   in respect of Delhi Power Company Limited(Hindi &English Version)..

3.Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (Procedure for filing Appeal before the Appellate Authority) Regulations, 2005 (Hindi &English Version). 

4. Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission(Treatment of Income from Other Business of Transmission Licensee and Distribution Licensee) Regulations,2005(Hindi & English version).              


Private Members Resolutions:

1. Shri Bheeshm Sharma to move the following resolution: “This House resolves that the Government may go to Court to get justice for the people of Delhi since water was not provided to Sonia Vihar Water Treatment Plant by other states.”

2. Dr. Jagdish Mukhi to move the following resolution: “This House resolves that taking into consideration the important role of DISCOMs in the lives of Delhiites, all the DISCOMs should be brought under the Right to Information Act and their accounts should be subject to audit by Delhi Govt.”

3. Smt Anjali Rai to move the following resolution: “This House resolves that in order to meet the needs of the growing population the health facilities and infrastructure should be strengthened, upgraded & decentralized.”


Delhi                                                                                                               Siddharath Rao


10th   March 2006