9th December to 16th December, 2009




I am honored to apprise you with the Business conducted by the Delhi Legislative Assembly in the recently concluded Third Session of the Fourth Assembly.


The Session commenced on the 9th December 2009 and was adjourned sine die on the 16th December 2009 after holding six sittings. A brief summary of the various business disposed by the House during the session is as follows: -


             Reports Of The House Committees:  During this Session, Five Reports of various House Committees were presented in the House.

The following reports of the committees were presented & passed in the House during this Session:


1.      Third Report of Business Advisory Committee (BAC).

2.      Second Report of the Committee on Private Members Bills & Resolutions (PMBR).

3.      First Report of Committee on Government Assurances

4.      First Report of Public Accounts Committee

5.      Report of the House Committee on Members Salary & Other Allowances

Questions: Total 600 notices of questions were received for this Session, out of which 12 questions were replied by the Ministers concerned in the House and 100 Supplementary Questions were asked by the Members on them.


Papers Laid on the Table: As per established tradition, Ministers laid copies of 34 notifications/report issued by their department concerned during Prorogation.



     Legislative Proposals: The following bills were introduced and passed during this session:

    1. Delhi Excise Bill, 2009 (Bill No. 8 of 2009)

    2. The National Capital Territory of Delhi (Incredible India) Bed and Breakfast   Establishments (Registration and Regulation) (Amendment) Bill  (Bill No. 9 of 2009)

      3. The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2009 (Bill No. 10 of 2009)

   4. The Delhi Entertainment and Betting Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2009 (Bill no. 11 of 2009)


Special Mention (Rule 280):


The Members raised 42 matters during this Session as special mention by which they drew the attention of the House on various issues.  On 09 issues, keeping in view the importance of the matter, Ministers concerned intervened and replied. Apart from this, 20 matters of special mention were treated as read.



Calling Attention Motion:


    On 14th December 2009 a notice of Calling Attention Motion was received from Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra and Shri Sahab Singh Chauhan regarding incidents of fire occurring in low floor buses of Delhi Transport Corporation.

21 Members participated in the debate and the Calling Attention Motion lasted for One hour & Six minutes.




Short Duration Discussion:


 The Business Advisory Committee had decided to take up Five issues for Short Duration Discussion during this Session, out of which two issues (i) regarding the problem of Unauthorized Colony & need to protect environment of Delhi were discussed.  Eight Members participated in it and the debate lasted for one hour an 46 minutes.


Private Members Resolutions: The following Resolutions were discussed by the House:-

Shri Kulwant Rana moved his resolution to stop adulteration of Milk, Food articles, Medicines, and all eatables in Delhi and to make strict penalties for this purpose.

    The resolution was rejected after discussion.


No Confidence Motion:


                  A notice of No Confidence Motion against the Government was received from the opposition on 15th December 2009. The notice was as per rule, so the Hon’ble Speaker gave his consent to the motion. Total 18 Members participated in the discussion on the aforesaid motion and the debate was held for two days.


  The House was adjourned sine-die on the 4th April 2008 with the rendering of the National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana).


With high regards.


Yours sincerely,

 (Siddharath Rao)